enCompass-A comprehensive training on navigating addiction

Register today for enCompass, a comprehensive training on navigating addiction. This 8-hour training is virtual and open to all adults who want to learn more about addiction and have the skills to respond. Register today https://bit.ly/3xweJav @recovery_ohio @addictionpolicy 


Like CPR, the enCompass training is designed to build the skills to support and respond to someone who needs help and navigate the resources available in your own community. Register today https://bit.ly/3xweJav @recovery_ohio @addictionpolicy 


enCompass participants will learn: 1) how to identify the signs and symptoms of addiction; 2) how to help an individual in need of support; 3) the effects of stigma on individuals and families; and, 4) self-care and healthy boundaries. Register today https://bit.ly/3xweJav @recovery_ohio @addictionpolicy