Client Rights/Privacy Notice

The policy of Clermont County Mental Health & Recovery Board (CCMHRB) and its contract agencies is to help Clermont County resident’s recovery from a severe mental disorder or a substance abuse disorder.

CCMHRB and its contract agencies believe in providing high quality services that are client centered and respect the privacy and wishes of the client. You are guaranteed of being treated as a partner in your treatment.

Each agency has a Client Rights Officer (CRO) who has the job of supporting you and not the agency if you have questions about your rights.

The CRO of the agency you receive services from is your best resource in addressing a complaint or concern. Each agency has a grievance procedure for addressing your concerns.


If you believe your concern has not been resolved, you can contact the CRO at the Clermont County Mental Health & Recovery Board.  Just click on “The Grievance Process” for more information.

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