Board funding sources include the local county tax levy, the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, and federal block grants.  In addition, the Board has obtained numerous grants from private foundations and federal government agencies (e.g. SAMHA, DOJ) over the years. It also partners with other local agencies to combine funds and resources to better meet needs. The services provided by these funds allow numerous Clermont County residents to overcome the disability and stigma of mental illness and substance use disorders so they can live and work productively in their own community.

The Board’s budget for Fiscal Year 2015, July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015, was over $6 million. The percentage breakdown of the general sources of these revenues is: 47% from the state, 29% from federal monies, 16% from the local levy, and 8% from other sources. The Board pursues grants for un-funded needs, usually in collaboration with its contract agencies and/or other local agencies. The Board’s projected budget for Fiscal Year 2016 includes 1.34% revenue from grants obtained this year.

The Board must annually determine what mental health and addiction services are needed in the community and which agency will provide those services. The majority of the Board’s funds are from state and federal dollars, and must be directed toward services for specific populations and other programs or projects as mandated by the state. Our local levy funds are considered discretionary, in that the Board can determine the best use of those funds, and utilize them for supporting important local initiatives and collaborative projects.