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New From SAMHSA: FindTreatment.gov

Yesterday, the Department of Health and Human Services’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) announced the launch of FindTreatment.gov, a new and improved website for helping to connect Americans throughout the United States who are looking for substance abuse treatment.   More than 19.3 million American adults had substance use disorders in 2018, and connecting them with appropriate treatment is a critical step to combating the opioid crisis in America. FindTreatment.gov is designed to provide the most relevant information for each individual’s recovery needs by creating a modern, user-friendly experience that is visually clear, simple, and welcoming to those in crisis.   Visitors can access information on treatment providers’ locations, treatment options, payment and insurance information, and on more than 13,000 state-licensed facilities, based on data compiled by SAMHSA. Visit FindTreatment.gov




Tips for Staying Abstinent During Holidays


Holidays can be difficult for recovering alcoholics and addicts. Jessica Johnson, clinical supervisor for the Outreach Team and R-DIP, Clermont Recovery Center, a division of Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health, offers these tips for staying abstinent during holidays:

– Always drive, if possible, to events and family gatherings so you can leave when you feel uncomfortable

– Always keep a drink in your hand (if alcohol is your drug of choice) so no one is tempted to ask if you want something to drink or pressure you into getting something to drink

– Bring a recovery-supportive friend to holiday gatherings to help hold yourself accountable and not be alone

– Come late and leave early if necessary

– Plan to attend a community support group meeting right before or after the holiday gathering

– Utilize your support group, sponsor, recovery coach! Call or text before, during, or after if necessary

– Take moments from the holiday event to step outside or step away to the bathroom to breathe and collect yourself if uncomfortable

– When you feel restless, irritable or discontent, take that as a sign to leave and breathe

– There are many 12 step-related events that occur during the holiday months, see flyers:

Tips for the Holidays